• Meet Lindsay

    Passionate & Entertaining…
    From a young age, Lindsay has been fascinated with how the world works. On a life long journey to explore human interaction, she has dedicated her life to building opportunities for people to connect, grow and learn using technology.

    Her first official foray into public speaking was at the age of 12 when she won a public speaking competition. She continued to explore her theatrical side throughout high school, but ultimately was more concerned about participating in social causes and community leadership than fictional performances. At the age of 17, she became a youth ambassador for her hometown of Squamish, BC speaking in front of large groups of up to 2000 people on a variety of topics ranging from leadership to community wellness.

    By the age of 21, Lindsay had one successful start-up under her belt and was well on her way to building another: an online global platform that connected hundreds of thousands of people around the world. A few years later, Lindsay took her speaking skills into the studio becoming a television spokesperson for consumer technology and digital social movements across Canada.

    Fast Forward to 2014, she has spoken in both broadcast and in-person to millions of people across North America and is considered an expert in consumer technology and the digital living.Lindsay enjoys speaking to both large and small groups. Whether it’s an intimate corporate gathering or a large conference, she’s dedicated to sharing thought-provoking stories that will make you think about the world in a little differently. If you’re interested, you can ask Lindsay to speak.

    When “TechLinz” isn’t engrossed with her business, she’s speaking on emerging trends in technology; concentrating in the area of social technology and the future of consumer retail.

    Considered an expert in her field, Smith has been quoted countless times by local and national media and speaks regularly on GlobalTV, Shaw Television, and the Business News Network. She holds a Bachelor of Applied Sciences from Simon Fraser University and resides in Vancouver, BC with her husband and two children Hanna and Ethan.

  • Notables

    2014 – Nominated for BIV’s Women of Distinction Awards

    2012 – CEO, Massive Media (Re-Launch)
    In early 2012, Smith opened a new division of Massive Media geared towards bridging the gap between analytics and creative within companies. As a pioneer in field, Smith recognized that companies are struggling to ride the wave of change in these digital times. Partnering with cutting edge technology providers across the globe, Smith’s team develops refreshing and innovative campaigns for big brands and small business, alike.

    2009 – Curriculum Development for BCIT
    Smith was recruited by BCIT (British Columbia Institute of Technology) to develop curriculum for the School of Business within the expanding area of social media and web analytics. Over a three year span, Smith introduced several new courses to the school designed to educate career professionals in the area of search marketing, web analytics, and social media. By 2010, Smith’s courses accounted for 80% of the required course load for the school’s Social Media Certificate Program and in 2011, it was voted BC’s top social media post-graduate program by Georgia Straight Magazine.

    2007 – Executive Producer & Co-host, Get Connected TV & Radio
    National TV show aired on the Business News Network and CityTV from season 2 through 4. Smith also hosted GetConnected’s radio show, aired weekly on the Corus radio network across Canada in 2007 and 2008.

    2005 – BIV Top 40 under 40
    Smith was awarded by Business In Vancouver Magazine as a Top Forty Under 40 for outstanding achievement in business.

    2005 – Massive Tech Show & F5 Expo
    Started in Vancouver, Canada in 2005 this show attracted thousands of attendees and featured globally renowned speakers such as Malcolm Gladwell. The conference and tradeshow expanded into Edmonton and Toronto by 2006; and was accompanied by a national technology magazine, called Massive Magazine.

    2005 – National President, Wired Woman Society
    Smith joined the National board of directors for Wired Woman in 2004, a Canadian association for women in technology. There she volunteered her time as CTO until she was elected to President of the association in 2005 and remained with the society until 2008.

    2001 – Founder & CEO, Techvibes.com
    At the time of inception, Techvibes.com was an online portal that marketed high-tech companies to the masses. Drawing on extensive experience in communications and information technology, Smith used forward innovative methods for helping companies grow their business by using both new and established technologies. Smith launched the start-up and remained CEO from 2001 to 2005. Today it is one of Canada’s largest regional news sources for the technology sector.

    1999 – Co-founder GeekRave Productions
    Smith’s career in technology began in 2000 when she co-founded GeekRave Productions in order to build more networking opportunities in the height of the tech boom. Originally Director of Public Relations and quickly promoted to President for the company, Smith and her team successfully attracted thousands of people to their high-tech industry events.

  • Testimonials

    “Lindsay is an exceptional, high energy entrepreneur who’s ability to identify and develop opportunity is exceeded only by her ability to lead and inspire those around her. Lindsay’s achievements to date clearly indicate her imminent emergence as a person of significant influence in the future of Canada’s business, technology and media communities. In the short time I have worked with her I have been amazed at her full spectrum of abilities and look forward to working with her long into her inevitably successful future.” -Martin Byrne Chief Technology and Innovation Officer at St. Joseph Communications

    “Lindsay is a proven performer as demonstrated by hosting high end networking and business events for years. She is friendly and interested in others as well as hard working and visionary.” -Doug Anderson Business Coach

    “Lindsay is a natural leader and I am positive that she will succeed in any venture / project she sets her mind to. A very unique and capable person. Highly recommend her.” -Christopher Chong President & CEO, SST Wireless

    “Lindsay is an inspired and ambitious voice for the technology community in Vancouver and we’re lucky to have her. MASSIVE is an important resource in furthering the community here, and her recent forays into other media are impressive, informative, and entertaining. Looking forward to seeing what she comes up with next.” -Ian Bell

    “Lindsay is visionary, committed, inspiring and knowledgeable. She has made a significant mark in the digital media world.” -Linda Brown-Ganzert Founder at Curatio.me

    “Lindsay Smith CEO of Massive Media [is an] entertaining and dynamic speaker” — Tana McNicol

  • Youtube Interviews

    Lindsay is often caught on camera interviewing business leaders across Canada. She’s also a regular guest expert on consumer technology for several shows including Global News, Fanny Kiefer, and The Rush.